Hello, my name is Samir L. Boulema.
I create tools and experiences.

API Development

Virtual Reality



I combine the latest technologies to create awesome applications that solve problems.

Software development is meant to solve problems. Whenever I come across a problem in my daily life I want to solve it. This leads to a lot of hours of tinkering with the latest technologies to create a Visual Studio extension or a Google Chrome extension. Problems are shared so solutions should be shared as well. Almost everything I create is freely available on GitHub.
What is more fun than solving problems? Creating new problems! Whenever a new technology or gadget is released I instantly try to come up with a scenario on how to use it and start coding. Experimenting is fun! From this experimenting my latest passion sprouted... Virtual Reality, the possibilities are almost endless.

Check some of my latest work

From Visual Studio extensions to Virtual Reality applications for desktop or mobile.
I like to play with new technologies and discover what is possible.


Some publicity items my Virtual Reality work received

Virtueel huizen bezichtigen via funda @ Dutch Cowboys
Virtueel huizen bekijken in Funda met vr-bril @ Telegraaf


Some companies that I had the pleasure to work for


I live in the quaint Bussum.

Send me a message and we can have a cup of coffee... or a beer.

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